If you are looking for Somali cats or kittens, talk to one of the breeders below. Somalis are special cats, and we feel honored to work with this magnificent, funny, and affectionate breed.

California Pirouette, Arlene Armandi | email | website |
  Silkenfire, Julie and Roy Albert | email | website |
  Fiestacat, Pam Blackenbeckler | email | website |
Florida Felidacity, Mary Ellen Zydell | email | website |
Maryland Arbora, Leslie and Steve Pulford | email | website |
Michigan Mittsnpaws, Joann Mitts | email | website |
North Carolina Pypurz, Karen Smith | email | website |
Ohio Rampageous, Marianne Harris | email | website |
Oklahoma Foxykats, Kathy Black | email | website |
Texas Africats, Barbara Hoffmann | email | website |



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