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Welcome to the Africats Cattery website. My name is Barbara Hoffmann and I'm the owner of Africats. My cattery is located in the southwestern part of the United States near the Houston, TX greater metropolitan area. My cats and cattery are registered with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) in the United States, and I breed and show Somalis exclusively in CFA. I'm also an active member of the CFA Somali Breed Council.

The Somali is an exotic-looking, exuberant, and fun-loving breed which is accepted in all major cat registry associations world-wide. If you are interested in learning more about the Somali, its origins and its personality, check out some of the articles listed below.

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Planned Breedings
Foundation queen, GC Mittsnpaws Midra of Africats, has now retired from the Africats breeding program. Her daughter, CH Africats Laini now has the place of distinction as "top female" here at Africats! Africats is planning one breeding for the summer of 2007. This means there "might" be a pet kitten or two available at the very end of 2007 or in early 2008. Check back often and watch for "kitten announcements".

From time to time, I occasionally have a young adult cat or two to place. Usually these cats are retired show cats or ones whom I have retired from my breeding program. As of the summer of 2007, all young adults have been placed or are spoken for. I might have one or two young adults to place in early 2008, so just keep checking back.

Contact me at africats@sbcglobal.net.

(Please note that my email address has changed and is no longer the AOL address)

Congratulations to Newest Somali Mom: Carole
Foundation queen, GC Mittsnpaws Midra of Africats, and her daughter, CH Africats Zainabu are now retired from my breeding program and have gone to live with their new mom, Carole, of Houston, TX. Carole knew from the time she met them that these two little girls were her soulmates. "Queen" Midra and "Princess Nabu" moved in and took over their new home immediately, and have even decided to be friends with Carole's beautiful white dove (although they are not to be trusted alone with Mr. Dove!). Thank you, Carole, for being such a great mom to my two little girls and for giving them such a happy, loving home! Welcome to the Africats Family!


Check Back Often
My website is currently under construction. Please check back frequently for updates. You’ll be able to explore and learn more about these energetic, stunningly beautiful, and amazingly affectionate cats. They are sure to capture your heart just as they have captured mine.


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GCh, RW Africats Mwenda
National 3rd Best of Breed, 2nd Best Ruddy Somali
18th Best Cat & Best Somali, Gulf Shore Region of CFA

GCh Mittsnpaws Midra of Africats
Best Somali, 2003-2004
Gulf Shore Region of CFA

GCh, GPr Africats Gahiji
Best Somali, 2002-2003
Gulf Shore Region of CFA
Ch, GPr, RW Africats Jamila
13th Best Cat in Premiership,
Gulf Shore Region of CFA