I recently showed Copper in a Veterans ring.

Click here to see Copper as a baby.

Date of birth 4-8-90

Breeder: Carla Bizzell

Owner: Kathy Black

Title : National Premiership 12th best cat, Gulf Shore Region's Best Cat in Premiership

GC Nephrani's Sirocco of Rainkey (1380-057554)
GC Rainkey's Windrider (1380-099363)
CH Foxtail's Annie Get Your Gun, DM (1381-000347)
GC Zarpa's Durango (1380-234152)
NW/GC Zarpa's Lakota (1380-385779) GC Winery's Auslese (1380-064075)
CH Winery's Lunel of Zarpa (1381-192268)
Winery's Est Est Est (1381-131156)
CH Purrpot's Windy Sky (1380-099119)
CH Purrpot's Robin Goodfellow (1382-180849)
Dick & Nell Foster CH Nephrani's Owari of Margus (1383-000035)
CH Silamos Larkspur of Zarpa (1381-265491)
GC Foxtail's Big Sky (1380-000228)
CH Foxtail's Sun River of Silamos (1381-086970)
Foxtail's Tara (1383-000026)
GC Du-Ro-Al's Gorgeous George (1380-000030)
GC Nephrani's Sirocco of Rainkey (1380-057554)
CH Kilaran's Tara of Nephrani (1381-000191)
GC Rainkey's Windrider (1380-099363)
CH Zarpa's Sarita of Mabuhay, DM (1381-321151) GC Foxtail's Rio Grande (1380-000126)
CH Foxtail's Annie Get Your Gun, DM (1381-000347)
Foxtail's Morasaki (1381-000204)
Lapinchat's Sammy Son of Chapaka (1380-000016)
Chapaka's Apollo of Winery (1380-000555)
Breeder: Dick & Nell Foster Owner: Carla Bizzell Chapaka's Miss Phoebe (1381-000033)
CH Ramakien's Sienna Belle of Zarpa (1381-236334)
GC Winery's Auslese (1380-064075)
GC Winery's Ihringen of Ramakien (1381-149465)
CH Winery's Korbel of Bardach (1381-000152)

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