Questions and Answers about Foxykats Cattery

Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers:

Can I purchase an 8 week old kitten?

No. I let the kittens go around 12-16 weeks of age. By this age, they have completed all of their shots, have strong enough immune systems to handle their new home environment, and be large enough to explore the house, handle children, dogs, other cats, etc.

How are the kittens raised and housed?

The kittens are born in my bedroom, and stay there until they are old enough for their first vaccination. They then graduate away from Mom, and move into the room I call the "kitten room". This room is separated from all adults, and they have windows, cat trees, toys, etc. to keep them occupied until they are older. I spend many hours with them daily in this room. After they have completed their vaccinations, they are allowed to explore the rest of the house, and meet the adult cats.

What vaccinations do you recommend and give to the kittens?

The kittens come complete with atleast 3 rounds of the 4 upper respiratory vaccinations and rabies (usually required for shipping). I do not give the FeLV (feline leukemia) or the FIP (feline Infectious Peritonitis) vaccinations. Also it is stated in my contract that all health warranties and gurantees are void if these vaccinations are given at anytime in the cats life. If there are existing cats in the new home, proof of FeLV negative cats is required before the new kitten will be sold.

What's required of the new home?

I require a signed contract that states that the kitten/cat will be kept indoors at all times, will not be declawed, will be given the proper Veterinarian care with atleast one visit per year, and will be given lots of love and affection without long periods of solitude. The contract also states that at anytime the new owner cannot keep the cat, I am to be contacted, and will take the cat back or find another home for it.

How long do these cats live?

Life expectancy in cats is just like in humans, one of those things no one can predict. Studies have shown that outdoor cats live an average of 18 months, where strictly indoor cats live an average of 12 years. Many pedigree cats have lived more than 12 years. As long as the cat is taken well care of, kept indoors, and fed a proper and nutritious diet, who knows?

Why is it that the kitten is sold already spayed/neutered?

There have been thousands of test subjects on early spay/neutering of cats. Studies have shown it causes no future problems with urinary tracts on males, size of the cat at maturity, etc. By having the kitten altered at a young age, they bounce back very quickly (usually are running around like nothing happend within 8 hours). Also, since they are being placed as pets, saves the owner the time of doing this in the future, and thus elimates the stress of putting the cat through this at an older age. Also, cats can die from anesthesia. This is rare, but does happen. I take the risk of this while the kitten is still with me. Better I loose the kitten, then a new home. Many times, the family has become very attached to the kitten, and hard feelings are created between the breeder, the family, and even at times the Veterinarian.

How much does the kitten cost?

This varies between breeds, and older kittens will be less, but the normal cost is $900.00 plus shipping.

I want a kitten, how do I contact you?

Cats have small litters, and demand is often high. Because kittens are few and far between, I recommend a deposit. I do not take deposits on unborn kittens, so contact me about upcoming litters. Write to me for further information.

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