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SOMALI CATS and CHARTREUX CATS (see below) (Click on names to see photo and pedigree)

  While I was showing Copper, I purchased my first breeding Somali: a red female named, GC Lynn-Lee's Summer of Foxykats, D.M.

Summer has been an excellent cat. She was Best of Breed (BOB) for the GSR (Gulf Shore Region) and she attained the title of Distinguished Merit (D.M.) in 1995 with her 5th Grand offspring.

Her Grand offspring include:
Gingersnap was my first grand champion ruddy female Somali, and the first Summer female to become Grand Champion.

Layla was a one show Grand Champion and to date the only female Somali to have that distinction. Layla has been spayed, but her Grand offspring are:

  • GC Foxykats Hero of Piaisland
  • GC, RW Foxykats Non-Deductible
  • In my fist litter, I couldn't decide between the best male GC Foxykats Machiavelli and his sister CH Foxykats Kismayu Fool (Kissie) . I kept both, and below are Kissie's 3 Grand qualifying offspring. Unfortunately, Kissie had to be spayed, and will not get the title of D.M. But her daughter Ashli is taking up the challenge.

    GC,RW Foxykats Ashli of Nekobayashi is in Japan. Japan is considered a region of the U.S. in CFA. They are called Region 8 and are included in all of our National Awards. In the show year 1994-1995, Ashli acheived 2nd best Red Somali, Best Female Somali, and barely missed the 2nd best of Breed award. In Japan she was best of breed against many Grand Champion males.

    We are very proud of her. She has produced wonderful kittens for the Kobayashi's. She is a new DM. Congratulations!!
    Foxykats Non-Deductible is a wonderful kitten with the best coat I've ever seen. At the 1997 International show in Atlanta,GA, he was 3rd highest scoring Shorthair kitten making 5 of 6 finals. Check him out! Endy is now living in France.

    I have acquired another female, this one from Mabuhay Cattery. CH Mabuhay Seduction of Foxykats is a very colorful, lots of black, ruddy female. We are working hard to obtain the title of D.M. for Bridgett. AND she did it. Her grand offspring are:

  • GC Foxykats Antares of Peeknpaw
  • GC Foxykats Cassiopiea of Northerntail
  • GP Foxykats Callisto
  • GP Foxykats Kentcarson Of Kankoonkats
  • GC Foxykats Moonwalker of Alacatzam
  • GC Foxykats Fantastic Point of View

  • I am very proud to announce that Kent is now a DM!! Thank you to the 15 different owners of the following cats that achieved "Grand" status to give Rigel Kentaurus this award!

    • GC Foxykats Antares of Peek-n-Paw - Red male
    • GP Foxykats Calisto of Cyburcoon - Ruddy neuter
    • GC Foxykats Moonwalker of Alacatzam- Ruddy male
    • GP Foxykats Kent Carson of Kankoonkats - Ruddy neuter
    • GC Foxykats Orion of Nekobayashi - Ruddy male
    • GC Greycastle First Knight - Ruddy male
    • GC Tamarakatz Better Late Than Never - Ruddy male
    • GC Foxykats Cassiopiea of Northerntail - Ruddy female
    • GP Foxykats Rigel - Ruddy neuter
    • GP Foxykats Belldandy - Ruddy Spay
    • GC Tamarakatz Walkin' After Midnight - Ruddy male
    • GC Felidacity's Altair - Ruddy male
    • GP Foxykats Gladiator's Maximus - Ruddy neuter
    • GC Foxykats Precious & Few - Ruddy female
    • GC Africats Gahiji - Red male - THANKS BARB!



    When I decided to enter the judging program I started breeding lots of different breeds. They included Japanese Bobtails, Chartreux, Oriental Shorthairs, as well as many long hair breeds. The Chartreux breed really touched my heart, and I bred this breed for many years. Even after stopping all of the breeding programs that I had for many years, I came back to breeding Chartreux. Here are some of my successes with this gorgeous breed.

    Before I start describing the Chartreux I have owned, let me give a little history about this breed. They originated in France. There are different fokelore about their origins, but one thng is for certain. This is a very old body styled breed, known for its wooly coat, large copper eyes, sweet disposition, and almost mute voices. Read more about the Chartreux here.

    My first Chartreux from Clervaux Cattery was a female name GC Clervaux Poeme ala Joie of Foxykats (poem of joy). I bred this female after her very successful show career, and later kept a female from her. GC/RW Foxykats Rachetant Grace (Gracie) was a wonderful female, almost a one show Grand Champion (missed it by one point!) and a wonderful mother. She produced several wonderful kittens who also went to show careers and to successful breeding careers.

    Gracie's last kitten was CH Foxykats Velvet Elvis of Charleval (known as Velvis). Velvis was a little shy in the judging ring but a wonderful kitten. He was shown and owned by some friends of mine, who bred him to their female. This breeding produced two fabulous males: Charleval's A Little Less Conversation (Converse) and Charleval's A Blue Chrismoose (Moose). Converse was kept here in the States, and Moose went to Italy. Converse was the perfect Chartreux. He had it all: Personality, type, color, body, perfect ears, etc. He became the best Chartreux that show season, and ended up being CFA's 7th best cat Nationally!!

    I later imported a female from Italy whose father was Moose. CH Walking On Sunshine of Foxykats (Sunny) is a fabulous cat, excellent mother, and producing wonderful kittens. To date she has produced three offspring too achieve their "Grand". They are:

    • GC Foxykats Genetic Roulette (known as Gunner)
    • GC Foxykats Gordo
    • GP Foxykats Great Gatsby

    Sunny has other offspring currently being shown, so we hope she will soon have the title of DM! Sunny was bred twice to GC Clervaux Spenser of Mabuhay. Spenser is a beautiful male, close to 10 years of age, but still has the goods!

    Another female I had was an oops breeding between a neutered male from France and a female from Italy. Yes, neutered males can sire kittens within the first month of being altered. We all thought enough time had passed, but evidently not! Charleval's Dolce Vita of Foxykats produced two litters for me. Her grand offspring include:

    • GC Foxykats Fiona of Idlemaine
    • GP Foxykats Grayson of Bordeauxcoon

    Gunner is going to be a father! More to come on the pending litter of kittens between he and CH Houseofblues Gia of Foxykats.

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