Pedigree of CH Mabuhay Seduction of Foxykats, D.M. (1381-1096610) 

Date of birth :

Breeder: Carla Bizzell

Owner: Kathy Black

Title : Champion

NW/GC Featherhill's Rabble Rouser (Aby) 
GC Chyna's Jonny Reb of Wil-O-Glen (Aby) 
CH Wil-O-Glen's Katy of Chyna (Aby) 
CH Wil-O-Glen's Alexander of Mabuhay (Aby) 
Mabuhay Adam

Shorthair Somali


GC Chrimsoncat's Chicago Fire (Aby) 
Breeder: Carla Bizzell CH Germania's Allegra of Wil-O-Glen (Aby) 
CH Wil-O-Glen's Miss Dolly of Germania (Aby) 
NW/GC Zarpa's Lakota (1380-385779) 
GC Mabuhay Lone Star (1380-650626) 
CH Zarpa's Sarita of Mabuhay, DM (1381-321151 
CH Mabuhay Estrella (1381-741155) 
SGC Rainkey's Moonrisen of Planokats (1380-368565) 
Maipet's Catarina of Mabuhay (1381-698901) 
CH Maipet's Denderah (1381-515485)
CH Mabuhay Chillicothe of Planokats (1382-660518) 
GC Planokats Fireball of Silkycrest (1382-810094) 
Maipet's Angel Eyes of Planokats (1381-478613)
Mabuhay Bogart-of-Shon (1380-929870) 
Shonstar Scarlet O'Hair of Mabuhay (1383-1019494 GC Mabuhay Lone Star (1380-650626)
Breeder: Jan & Steven Shon CH Mabuhay Estrella (1381-741155)
Maipet's Catarina of Mabuhay (1381-698901)
DGRC Mabuhay Otto (Aby)
La Meu McCavity (SBT 110490) 
La Meu Presto (Aby) 
Shonstar's Katie (0381-985688)
Purr-Anha Mahluli (Aby)
CH Purr-Anha Bast April (0383-864148)
CH Phaulkon's Free Spirit of Mabuhay (Aby)

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