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What are Foxykats??

Foxykats is the registered name of my CFA cattery. I have worked with a variety of breeds over the years. Above you can see some of the cats I've had the pleasure of bringing into this world! Most of my pages show the Somali and Chartreux breeds. But you will see other breeds, and some other things I am passionate about.

The Somali are foxy looking cats, with wonderful dispositions. They are very playful, loving, affectionate, and striking in appearance. They are called the "little foxes" of the cat world. They easily cohabitant with other cats, children, and dogs. 

The Chartreux are the French Cats, come in only one color - blue (some refer to as gray). Chartreux are quiet, loving cats that love to play. They exist well with other breeds. Chartreux coat is easy care for, very dense and slightly wooly in texture.

I took a short break from breeding cats, but now have a small breeding program of Chartreux. I currently have some kittens available, so check out the Chartreux link on the left. Also enjoy browsing the past stars of Foxykats cattery.

Thank you for visiting.