Pedigree of GC/RW/BW Foxykats Rigel Kentaurus, DM  - 1380-1201934


Kent is the male I kept from Summer's last litter. He is a beautiful male with wonderful color, loads of black on his back, and a very special expression to his face.

Kent was Best Somali kitten, and 2nd best kitten in show at the 1998 International Cat Show, held in Kansas City, Nov. 1998. He later became a one show Grand Champion.

What does his name mean???

Rigel Kentaurus is the official name of the star Alpha Centauri. This star is the brightest star in the Summer evening sky over North America. It is the 3rd brighest star we have in our hemisphere. Kent's father is CH Mabuhay Evening Star and his mother is GC Lynn-Lee's Summer of Foxykats, D.M.

Kent's Titles have changed! He now is a DM (Distinquished Merit). This is a title given by CFA to those males that have produced 15 offspring which have become either Grand Champions or Grand Premiers. Kent now has 15. Each of these where shown by a different person, so 15 people had a part in this. Thank you to each that helped me attain this title for Kent. 

Date of birth : 4-13-98

Breeder & Owner : Kathy Black

Title : Grand Champion, 2nd best kitten at the 1998 International show
3rd best Kitten in Gulf Shore Region - 1998-1999
7th best cat Gulf Shore Region 1998-1999.
CFA's Best of Breed 1998-1999.
    CH Mabuhay Chillicothe of Planokats 1382-660518
     GC Planokats Fireball of Mabuhay 1382-810094  
   GC Mabuhay Cactus Jack of Gunsmoke  1380-910348   Maipet's Angel Eyes of Planokats
    GC Mabuhay Lone Star 1380-650626 
     CH Mabuhay Estrella 1381-741155  
 CH Mabuhay Evening Star - 1380-1099007  09/22/96     Maipet's Catarina of Mabuhay -
      GC Foxtail's Grand Teton of Silamos 1380-86968
    GC Gunsmoke's Doc Holliday
Breeder: Carla Bizzell     GC Rumpuss Shadowrider of Gunsmoke - 1381-417113
   CH Gunsmoke's Magnolia of Mabuhay 1381-937750   GC Carquinez Thunder Foot 1380-623858
    Silkenfire Black Foot of Gunsmoke - 1381-780570  
      CH Carquinez Lyssa of Silkenfire -
      CH Lynn-Lee's Jackal (1380-000188) 
    Lynn-Lee's Tomahawk
      CH Purrpot's Wild Calla of Lynn-Lee (1381-102193)
  GC Lynn-Lee's Firefly (1382-329778)     
GC Lynn-Lee's Summer of Foxykats, DM (1383-702714)     CH Lynn-Lee's Christmas Cactus
    CH Lynn-Lee's Strawberry Shortcake, DM (1383-211418)   
      CH Purrpot's Wild Calla of Lynn-Lee (1381-102193)
      CH Lynn-Lee's Christmas Cactus
    GC Lynn-Lee's Discovery AA
Breeder: Evelyn Mague     CH Purrpot's Wild Calla of Lynn-Lee (1381-102193) 
  Lynn-Lee's Sunflower (1381-477325)     
      GC Rainkey's Windrider (1380-099363) 
    CH Rainkey's Satinsong of Lynn-Lee (1381-227029)   
      CH Lynn-Lee's Lovesong of Rainkey (1381-000333) 
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