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Since I made the decision to apply to the CFA judging program, I have had the opportunity to live with, learn about, and show a variety of breeds other than the Somalis. This page is to illustrate a few of the breeds that I have had live with me, and the pleasure of showing.

One of the breeds that I just love are the Maine Coons. The Maine Coon is the only naturally occuring longhaired breed of cat in the United States. I am no longer breeding Maine Coons, but I've put some of the cats I've had on this page. There is a link to the kittens page, which is quite humorous. The Coon kittens grew up with a litter of shorthaired Somalis. To view their page, click  here. CH Pawtalk's Shania Maine of Foxykats was the mother of this litter. GC Daddys R-U Ready 4 This of Foxykats was the sire. Below are photo's of them.







Shania has had another litter of kittens - different male. Here is my latest male from her. Still no name for this kid - any suggestions?? He's Brown McTabby and White.


The Maine Coon standard calls for a rectangular body, long bushy tail, shaggy coat, with heavy boning. Also the profile should have a slight concavity, boxy muzzle, and high set ears. To read more about the Maine Coon profile and breed standard, click here.

I also have had Oriental Shorthairs. GC/RW CSA's The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, a Chestnut Mackeral tabby male produced a litter with Piddypat's One Foolish Kiss, a very elegant Seal Lynx Point Oriental Shorthair. Below is Kiss' photo.


You've got to check out Kiss' 5 kittens. All are placed, but you can see her kittens:  male Chestnut Tabby, two female Chestnut solid, Ebony male, and seal point female. Kiss has been spayed and is living in a home with two of her kittens. What a family!!


I have a new female ebony mackeral tabby from Dick and Barbara Levitan,

CH Felitan Felicity Jane of Foxykats. Here are photo's of her.



Janie had one kitten in two litters, and was spayed and placed in a wonderful pet home. The Chestnut male she had is shown below:


Foxykats Java Joe

The other kitten she had was an ebony (solid black) female, which I have kept for breeding.


To read more about the Oriental Shorthair breed standard, click here.


Clervaux Poeme Ala Joie of Foxykats

Chartreux female



The Chartreux is a very primative style of cat, very robust body, dense wolly coat, copper eyes, and small erect ears. She is an excellent cat, purrs constantly, plays all the time. To check out more on the Chartreux, visit CFA's website.


Joy had a litter of two kittens, here is the female kitten - Foxykats Rachetant Grace or Gracie.

Gracie has now had kittens. Click here to see her kittens. Folder is named "Gracie babies".




  Persian - Blue McTabby male

Catillak's Blue Danube is just a baby, but you can see he's going to be a show stopper.

To read more about the Persian standard, click here.


American Curl - Longhair

The American Curl is one of CFA's newest recognized breeds. They are most easily recognized by their ears that curl backwards. The Scottish Fold's ears fold forward and down, the Curl;s ears fold up, back and down anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees. They are very lovable cats, very sweet, quiet voices, with a stocky, foreign body style.

This boy's name is Grand Premier Procurlharem Robocurl of Foxykats, a Silver Mc Tabby and White longhair American Curl Neuter. Is that a sweet face or what!!?? Pictured are Caroline Scott, Judge Bob Zenda, myself, and Michael.

This breed comes in longhair and short hair. To read more about the Curls, click here.

Currently I am showing a Norwegian Forest Cat. This breed is different than the Maine Coon. They are a shorter, stockier breed, double coated, with a triangular head and straight profile. Below is PR Vanir Gustav of Foxykats, a brown tabby and white male neuter.

I think that the NFC's have the sweetest faces. To read more about this breed, click here for CFA's website.

I have a new NFC kitten. Click here to see Denali.



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