Featured Foxykats

GC,RW,GP Foxykats Msheeyish Limoonee - Red Somali

GP,RW Foxykats Stardust of Africats - Ruddy Somali

GC,RW Foxykats Non-Deductible - Red Somali

GC Daddys R-U Ready 4 This of Foxykats - Red Tabby and White Maine Coon

GC,RW Clervaux Poeme Ala Joie of Foxykats - Chartreux

GP Foxykats Keeper-of-the-Flame of Africats - Red Somali

GP,NW Mabuhay Copper Blaze of Foxykats - Ruddy Somali

GC Foxykats Maine Attraction - Brown McTabby and White Maine Coon

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    What are Foxykats??

    Foxykats is the registered name of my CFA cattery. It is a small home environment that specializes in ruddy and red Somali cats. This web site is for information on the Somali, Oriental, and Maine Coon cats, however, most of my pages are dedicated to the Somalis. These are foxy looking cats, with wonderful dispositions. They are very playful, loving, affectionate, and striking in appearance. They are called the "little foxes" of the cat world. They easily cohabitant with other cats, children, and dogs. 

     Hope you enjoy browsing, and please write me if you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing a kitten or cat.