Ft. Worth Cat Club show held 7/18/98

Here is the Premiership class in one ring. Pictured from left to right are:
GRP Foxykats Tobasco Cat
GRP Foxykats Tazmanian Devil Doctor
PR Foxykats Summer Sunshine
GRP Foxykats Keeper of the Flame
PR Zzaby's red female (I'll get the name later)
GRP Foxykats Sunrunner's Fire of Snotoz
Pictured are the exhibitors of the Foxykats Somalis.
From left to right: Barbara Hoffmann holding Flame, Gail Gardner with Taz, Kathy Black with Toby,
Melissa Graham with Sunny, and kneeling is Kathryn Dobbs with Rosy.
This is Gail with Judge Wayne Trevathan. In this ring GRP Foxykats Tazmanian Devil Doctor recieved Best Allbreed Cat.
Here Gail is with Judge Leslie Faltisek and she is holding both Taz and GRP Foxykats Tobasco Cat.