Written by Kathy Black

I was sitting in my quiet warm place along with my other brother and two sisters when all of a sudden, things started pushing on me. I was the first in line, and I had no where to go. My littermates were pushing on me, and I was hitting my head against a brick wall. I didnít know what was going to happen. I was a pretty fetus, and felt like I would be king of cats someday, but with all this pushing, I was getting scrunched together. Something happened to me, and I blacked out. Donít remember much after that for several days.

I later learned that my mother had to have a C-section. All my littermates and me survived. Mom was out of it for several days from a reaction to the anesthesia. I was really having a hard time. My head was pushed down into my chest and I had no neck. I didnít want to eat and I couldnít hardly breathe. This woman kept forcing me to eat and she would put me on the scales twice a day. Then she would get all upset and poke me with a needle and pump me full of fluids. I hated this and would scream and squirm. Most of the time she would get help to hold me down. She kept saying ďWhat is wrong with this kitten? He wonít gain weight. He only weighs 2.5 oz. and Iím feeding him every 4 hours and pumping him full of Ringers! Yet he has such a force about him that he wants to live.Ē I didnít know what any of that meant, but I knew I didnít like that needle!

This went on for 10 days. I wasnít growing, but I knew I was going to make it. My littermates were now so much larger than me, that I couldnít get to the Special Fountain. I wanted it, but couldnít hang on to it. Finally after about 10 days, this lady gave me some different tasting food. I started growing and she quit poking me with that needle. My body started straightening out and I was getting long. I was looking pretty good I thought until I compared my color to my littermates. Two were this really pretty red color, one was black, and I was pink. This lady called me Fawn. I knew that I was supposed to be red. What had happened to me. Did that fluid have bleach in it? I wasnít sure. I was feeling good though, and could hang onto the special fountain. This lady, I learned was Kathy, started saying that I was growing into a pretty boy, if I just wasnít pink. I figured out that evidently is wasnít her fault that I was pink, but I knew that it wasnít mine either.

I kept growing and eating, and before I knew it I was bigger than my brother. He really was pretty with lots of hair and deep color. Kathy said that he was her favorite and I could see why. He had hair, color and a sweet face, and I was long, no coat, and pink. Brother got sick one day, and Kathy took him away. He never came back. Kathy cried and was sad for a long time. She would hold us and cry. I didnít know what had happened, but I wanted her to feel better so I would kiss her tears and play with her eyelashes. I think that it helped her feel better.

Then one day, I noticed that my pink was going away, and instead was this deep dark red color. Better than anyone elseís. I started really strutting around and made sure that my sisters knew that I was king of this group and far superior to them. Kathy said that I was going to Japan. I didnít know where this was but she was very happy with me so I felt it would be fun. She would pinch me in a very private area a lot! I really didnít know why she was doing this but I didnít like it. Then one day she took me in the car to a strange place and some man did the same thing. What is it with these people? Leave me alone. Kathy said that I couldnít go to Japan because I was missing some equipment. I didnít know what that meant, but at least she quite pinching me. I really didnít care that I wasnít going to Japan because I really liked it where I was.

One day, we went in the car to another town. I met all kinds of people and saw lots of cats that Iíd never seen before. I wanted to play chase with them, but we were all in cages. Kathy showed me off to several people and I was excited that she was proud of me. One of these people took me home with them. I didnít know what I had done to make Kathy mad at me. I admit that I spilled the water, turned over the food, and kicked litter everywhere. But I was just having fun. Surely she wasnít mad about that. These new people were really nice, and played with me a lot. I stayed there a couple of days, and then they took me back home to Kathy. I was really excited to be back home. Kathy put me into a room all by myself. My sisters were gone to their new homes, and I was all alone. I didnít know what I had done wrong, and was very lonely. Kathy took me to the man that liked to pinch me, and he had a needle! What is it with these things? He took out some blood and then I got to go home. I was so excited to be back home that I played all night. Kathy laughed at me and that made me happy. She told me that I was going to stay with her forever.

About a month later, though, she took me back to this pinching, needle man. I had surgery which I think they call neutering or something like that. He did a good job on me, and I only had a tiny cut to find my missing equipment. Kathy was now calling me, ďFoxykats Feel the Force, Luke!Ē because she said I have always had a force inside me. I didnít know what a force was, but if I had felt it, I didnít remember. Maybe thatís what they took out? I didnít know. I liked the name Luke, but I didnít let her know. When she called me, I would ignore her. She says that boys donít know their names, but I knew better. I wasnít going to be like those girls in the house that came running everytime she called them.

Kathy took me to another place with lots of cats. She would carry me around the room and leave me with strangers. These strangers would take me out of the cage and look at me, and they would play with me. I thought that this was such fun! I had other cats beside me, and I would play with their tails, and pat their bottoms. There was a card and block of wood on top of the cage. I tried to get this but only succeded once. I will have to practice this more the next time.

Kathy said that I was so much fun, and I got 6 big ribbons. These were fun to play with too.

Iím getting tired of helping Kathy write my story, so Iíll let her talk now.

There are a couple of things that Luke didnít know about. First of all his brother died from a reaction to an antibiotic. I had never seen this before, and have never lost a kitten before, so I really took this hard. Blamed myself and everything. Second, I sold him as a show quality neuter to some friends of mine, but I wanted him shown alot. They had some blood work done, and the results were a little strange. They also because of other commitments couldnít show him very much. They brought him back to me, and I had him retested, which everything was within normal range. Because of the undescended testicle, and him returning after being sold again, I decided to keep him myself.

Luke is such a maniac Somali and yet very affectionate and loving. He totally destroys the house daily yet will snuggle, kiss, and love you for hours. He really is a special boy. His pink color was replaced with the most brilliant deep red and wonderful ticking at 5 months of age. His surgery was very uneventful. The vet and I could feel the testicle, and he did a wonderful job removing it with hardly a cut.

I am planning on showing Luke as a kitten, and granding him in Premiership. It will be a pleasant change to show a neutered boy again.

Kathy Black

Foxykats Somalis

Between these two stories, Luke became a Grand Premier. He developed a real nasty attitude towards judges. He was always very "on the edge" as a kitten, too crazy acting, and enjoying it almost too much. I had him agented because of family obligations, and he lost it without me there at the show. All of his excitement somehow turned into aggression, so at the Houston show in January, I sold him to George.



Written by George Thompson

(I received the following letter from George, owner of GP Foxykats Feel the Force, Luke! This was received Christmas '97. It's the perfect description of life with a Somali. Exhausting, trying at times, yet wonderful and fulfilling. Luke is his Somali, and Samson is his Snowshoe. Enjoy!)

..., happily Luke has become less enamored with getting up on the bedroom stereo and getting up on the light bridge above my bed. I really didn't mind so much him being up there (Samson still goes up there fairly often) , it was him jumping off and landing on me (and sometimes hitting sensitive areas) that I minded. Samson only weights about 8-9 lbs and he has enough sense to aim somewhere else, but Luke, my ol' big red hairly eating machine has got to weight in at 14-15 from the looks and heft of him. He looks about as big to me as a fair sized Maine Coon. He still remembers getting pushed out at mealtime during kittenhood, and even when I evenly split the very same food betwen he and Samson, he still leaves his food half-eaten so he can go eat up Samson's food. Funny bout those two. Samson is smaller, instigates most of the wrestling and fighting, but he lets Luke "bull" him away from his food before he's finished. I yell and fuss, and if I stand over him, Luke knows he's supposed to go back and finish his own plate before he helps himself to Samson's food, ... but, if I'm not there, he eats part of his, then most all of Samson's, then finally the balance of his own. An hour later, if he's downstairs and hears me rustle anything plastic upstairs, he thinks it's time for some Whisker Lickings treats and he's upstairs in a blink, and in my face before I can get the package open. He's almost as bad when I'm getting me some Christmas candy out of a plastic sack. He hears plastic rustle, ... he thinks food. It's not like I don't keep dry food out all the time in case he gets hungry between meals or I'm late getting home (or in case something should happen to me).

Second to eating, I think Luke's favorite thing is opening all the cabinets in the house, including the one above the refrigerator. Upstairs he opens the hall cabinets where I keep my office and computer supplies, baseball hats etc., and he and Samson get in there and walk all over everything. I really got mad at the bugger the other day. Samson and I are laying on my bed, peacefully watching TV when we both hear this huge commotion and crash. I went to the back bedroom, and "dumbell" apparently thought he needed to get on top of the bookshelves nearest my computer desk and he knocked down a desktop sized oscillating fan onto my HP Laserjet 4. Of course he scattered everything in, on, and around the computer in his haste to make a getaway when he realized the fan was coming down on top of him. He just stood off to one side all wide-eyed and innocent as if he'd done nothing wrong as I stormed in, yelling at the top of my lungs. Doesn't seem to faze Luke one bit. He seems to have no concept that he's capable of doing anything wrong.

He (and sometimes Samson) like to keep me company in the back bedroom while I'm working on my PC. They alternate between jumping up in my lap, standing up on my leg wanting a pat on the head, or laying around somewhere sleeping. Samson usually goes for the recliner, Luke can usually be found at my feet or beside my chair, many times laying on this back, with his paws curled over on this chest. I don't know if it's possible that a cat could look like an angel, but Luke, laying asleep on his back, looks as peaceful and as "angelic" as anything I've ever seen. Man that cat sure loves his tummy rubs too. As soon as I come home (after feeding the boys of course) I generally head for the front door to get my mail. Luke nearly knocks me down sometimes running into the living room where he promptly falls over on one side, rolls over on his back and waits for me to notice and scratch him on his big ol belly. Poor Samson just sits several feet away looking on as if he feels left out.

Everyone loves Luke and he's real sociable, they think Samson's aloof and distant, but it's Samson that wants to lay on me so much of the time, while Luke is off in another room, prowling around, opening cabinets, unrolling toilet paper, sleeping, or sunbathing at the back patio door. He does spend a considerable amount of time upstairs inside the miniblinds watching the birds in the trees out front as well. My how he loves birds. He wants to go "play" with them so bad, I sometimes think he'll break through the window. Blinds are always a mess as you might imagine and they have quite o few teeth marks in them. Luke's torn up the arms of the couch and loveseat, parts of the rug, and sometimes parts of me (gee that cat is clumsy), he frequently barfs up food he ate too fast or too much of, making messes everywhere, and I'm forever going behind him shutting cabinets, and picking clumps of red hair off all my clothes.

If I had known in advance this was the way it would be, I'm not sure I'd have bought him, but as it is, I wouldn't part with him for anything. He's one of the prettiest cats I've ever had or seen, and he's just got the sweetest face and disposition. He's a handful and then some, he can be stupid and he's pretty clumsy and clutzy, but I love that silly ol red eating machine. He's been a real blessing to Samson and I both. With just Samson and I, the house still seemed empty,... but ever since Luke came to live with us, the house has seemed pretty full and like a real little family, ... me and my boys.

Have a great Christmas!

George Thompson

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